Visit Korea app for Iphone and Android

Check out KNTO

I have not been checking KNTO site for a while now and was delighted to find a brilliant app from them for iphone and android smart phone users! It is basically the entire KNTO website in a mobile format. ^^

If you are an iphone user, download 'Visit Korea' from your AppStore or 'KTO' for google android user . This is how the icon looks like after the installation.

Picture courtesy of KNTO

Note: You must be connected to internet to access this app.
If you are travelling mainly around Seoul, to grab a free wi-fi signal is rather easy. There are many public places which offer FREE wi-fi.

The download was a breeze and I could find several vital and helpful points from the app, namely:
  • weather forecast - which is quite important as it's pretty unpredictable but not necessarily accurate either
  • exchange rates
  • latest events in Korea
  • helpful contacts
  • promotions and etc.
By the way, I also found Travel Tip: Great Korean Apps  by qiranger which you might want to install as well.

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