Kimbap Cheonguk

김밥 천국 or Kimbap Cheonguk  means kimbap heaven. It is franchise restaurants all over Korea and you could recognize the bright orange signboard easily. It's almost like McDonalds where you can find at least one around the block.

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Although kimbap literally represents a roll of rice with various filling wrapped in seaweed but in Kimbap Cheonguk there are a lot of other dishes that we could try other than kimbap. Other varieties of similar chain restaurants are Kimbap Nara and Kim Ga Ne.

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Kimbap Cheonguk

Kim Ga Ne

Kimbap Nara

 김밥 - Kimbap

천국 김밥 (Cheonguk Kimbap) 1,000 원 - Standard kimbap (rice, ham, omellete, pickled radish and carrot)

야채 김밥 (Yachae Kimbap) 2,000 원 - Standard kimbap + vegetables

참치 김밥 (Chamchi Kimbap) 2,000 원 - Standard kimbap + tuna

김치 김밥 ( Kimchi Kimbap) 2,000 원- Standard kimbap + kimchi

치즈 김밥 (Cheese Kimbap) 2,000 원- Standard kimbap + cheese

소고기 김밥 (So gogi Kimbap) 2,000 원- Standard kimbap + beef

날치알 김밥 (Nalchial Kimbap) 2,000 원- Standard kimbap + flying fish roe

계란말이 김밥 (Kyeranmari Kimbap) 2,000 원- Standard kimbap + egg rolls

누드 김밥 (Nude Kimbap) 2,500 원- Check out the video below for better explanation. Don't succumb to your own imagination..ahahaha ^^

How to make nude kimbap by ekthal

돈까스 김밥 (Donkatsu Kimbap) 2,500 원- Standard kimbap + pork cutlet

모듬 김밥 (Modem Kimbap) 2,500 원- a mix of your choice

Nowadays, they have menu with pictures and English translation.
No more worries! ^^

Kimchi fried rice with egg - 4,500 won

Sundubu jjigae with seafood

An ahjumma preparing kimbab.

Pictures: Courtesy of Hanim, Nyna, Iris and Fiza.

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Unknown said…
u make me wanna go to Korea again have all those foods. Yummeh!!
IMmeHuda said…
Holla! Make me feel like going to korea again! Must go there again, thks time must be backpacking style since i foind out that going with travel agent feels so unreal n unchallenging.
Thanks a lot for the info!