Korea Online Contest

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How To:
  1. Sign up for membership
  2. Login to VisitKorea website
  3. Answer the online quiz and play the online flash game (Jachigi) as much as you can; the more you play the higher the chances to win.
1st - 10 winner -  round trip ticket to Korea
2nd - 5 winner - magnet
         5 winner - chest inlaid with pearl 
         5 winner - lucky pouch
         5 winner - Korean doll

Jachigi is a game where a long stick and two short sticks is hit and caught. First, a circular hole is dug on the ground, and a circle is drawn on the outside. After placing a short stick around the outside of the hole, it is hit with the long stick, and the rebounding stick (the short one that was just hit), is hit again with the long stick in mid-air, sending it flying far away. Source: Wikipedia

Hmm..somewhat similar to Malaysian children's game too eh?  Konda kondi

From Lat's cartoon: Malaysian tradtional game. 

Click here for the article in Korean. Anyone care to translate? 

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