King Sejong Tomb

I went to King Sejong's Tomb courtesy of the always gracious Mi Hyeon and her husband. Thank you so much!! It is located in Yeoju.

The information about King Sejong's Tomb

Ticket counter - 1,000 won entrance fee

Mi Hyeon and I

King Sejong's museum

Entrance to the tomb

King Sejong's Tomb

After that, we visited the ceramic exhibition

Unfortunately the exhibition is closed because
we arrived after 5PM

We went to toyaseum instead where all the ceramics collection
from various countries are displayed.

Nice artistic clothes.

Graffiti on ceramic building

After that, we moved over to watch a concert in the nearby
stadium. The concert marked the end of the ceramic exhibition.
It was hosted by the local radio program, CBS.

Davichi belted their songs powerfully. So awesome!

●From Seoul to Yeoju:
From Dong Seoul Express Bus Terminal (Subway Line 2, Gangbyeon Station), take a bus to Yeoju (it takes 1.5 hours, first bus at 06:30, last bus at 21:40), buses run every 30 to 60 minutes, fare 4,900 won.

●From Yeoju to Yeongneung:
There are three direct buses a day from Yeoju Bus Terminal to Yeongneung (영릉.세종대왕릉) (bus #52-2 at 09:30 / #52-6 at 13:00 / #54-2 at 14:50). You can take these buses from the “Buy the Way” convenience store next to Yeoju Bus Terminal.

More information for Yeoju and Royal Tomb at KNTO Web.

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