5 days Market in Jinbu - 5 일 시장

Mr Lee's (Seoul) daughter was smitten by us. Su Hyon fell head over heel for Andy cause this was her first time mingling with foreigners. Me and Andy were tired of the Jinbu escapade the day before but this little angel insisted to go to Jinbu 5 days Market for some Jjin Pang. I was reluctant but she's like an ahjumma so you definitely can't resist ahjumma's force. Hehehe..We went to Jinbu by taxi and in the taxi she was complaining non stop over the taxi fare. The anjusshi was kind enough to give some discount. Initially it was more than 16,000 won but he only charged 15,000 won after our little ahjumma made some noise. The weather was bright and sunny. It was a perfect day to stroll around this amazing market.

This market is just like pasar malam/pasar lambak/pasar tani in Malaysia. It was held once every 5 days.

At the market's entrance.

Jjin ppang - 3 pieces for 1,000 won

Gamja tteok - rice cake with potato filling. Not so yummy 
because the tteok is so chewy and unnatural. I love Mr
Lee's handmade tteok better. 

더덕 Deodeok - some kind of root. It is Lanceolata
after checking the google translator.Whatever..but I 
really love this root when I had lunch near Bulguksa Temple.

Su Hyon.

Antiques anyone?

Mini oranges. I forgot the name but Andy told me
to eat it with the skin intact. Hmm..it has peculiar after
taste. I don't really like it.

This size compared to a giant hand (Andy's ^^)

All sorts of snack. We bought two types. One  packet
is 2,000 won.

Chestnut. Our little ahjumma - Su Hyon asked for freebies
and even bantered with the seller. She was really funny but 
because of her we were well taken care of. Komawo Su Hyon aa..^^

 That was bondaegi - small larvae. It sounds gross hmm
but all I could say is it is an acquired taste. If you like it
on the first bite, you can rest assured that you could chew it 
like snack. I ate it once and for all. Never again will I lay
my hands. 

Unofficial models for bondaegi.

Korean sweet delicacies.It is like 'bepang' in Malaysia.

Pickled radish soaked in soy sauce.

Dried stingrays?

More snacks.

Acorn jelly = dotorimuk

A type of melon.

I don't know the name of this seafood but I loved it
when I visited Tongyeong with Ollergi.

Puppies for sale.

Andy bought some banchan with Su Hyon as our

We had some snack - jeon like 'lempeng' in Malaysia.

Andy's favourite - BBQ pig's feet

BBQ pig's feet close up

I stopped her for a quick shot. She felt like model
of the day. Hehe..there was a wedding ceremony

The wedding car

We had ice cream inside Family Mart.

My ice cream

Waiting for Su Hyon's father to pick us up.

Happy 700 means Jinbu is 700 metres above sea level.

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they are called kumquats