Korean Rice Cake 떡 Class

Today we made injolmi, korean rice cake coated in nut powder. Injolmi is not really one of my favourite, but I don't care. I am happy as long as I could satisfy my fetish of Korean rice cake. We have a korean rice cake master hailed from Busan - Mr Lee.

The ingredients:
glutinous rice
sesame oil
nut powder
mugwort powder

Me and my workers..hehe. From Left: Hyun Bin ssi, Andy, Nandida, Me and Nandida's aunt.

Mr Lee, the master chef preparing the tools to make injolmi

The first swing

The second swing

 The third swing from Chef Andy

Mine is the fourth, the pestle is so heavy!!

Nandida was the fifth

Nandida's aunt was the sixth

Hyun Bin ssi was the seventh

Haein was the eighth

Added some mugwort powder for the second portion

Mr Lee taking some of the injolmi to coat with the nut powder

Covering the rice cake with nut powder

Cutting it to bite size


Proud of their hard work!!

Chef Andy preparing more. Compare the size of his helper..hehe

Drinking korean traditional tea, wearing an apron with a quirky hat..Perfect!! ^^

Finally, my own sweet time with my injolmi and a cup of tea..life couldn't be better.