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Ever heard of Gmarket is his twin but lives in Korea..hehe. When I was in Malaysia, I did check out this portal and bought a hoodie and another shirt. The parcel + delivery costed roughly MYR140. What a let down, both ordered quality were sucks..seriously. I bet I'd rather buy it from a bundle shop at Uptown Danau Kota.

However, my love affair with Gmarket didn't stop at that point. I ordered a winter jacket which was only 15,900 won and sent to Jinbu address(where I stay now). Unfortunately this time, I forgot to check its shoulder size properly and fall prey to my own wrongdoing. The jacket's was 37cm while my shoulder slants towards the giant shrek size - 42cm..hehe. Yeah, I'm a big bone giant! ^^ So, I gave it to Haein. This is totally my own fault. No question asked. But........ the color of the jacket was not near to similar color at all. I ordered dark brown but I received lighter brown..sheeshh. That's why I have told myself before never to buy things online! Why Zarina..why didn't you listen to yourself??!!

The point shopping could be cheap but still...don't follow my path. Buy clothes IF AND ONLY IF you could see the color, feel the material, try it on and like an 'ahjumma' ask for discount..hehe.

Never the least, if you want to have a taste how Gmarket is, head over to its English site and if you are articulate in Korean, click on here.

Gmarket strong points:
  • you can order kpop items and korean quirky fashion items - they are so pretty!
  • delivery is fast - domestic one or two days, international - around 1 week
  • you could pay via PAYPAL/credit card
  • my advice - only buy the NOW hot item for better deal
  • quality of the material is good but all depends to the seller
  • gmarket has hugeeeeeeeeeeee stock - ranging from clothes to makeup to food name it
WARNING No 1: The site is heavy on flash, you may need higher RAM PC and for me it's best to view with Internet Explorer.

WARNING No 2: The price could be very cheap and you will be tempted. Don't tell me I didn't warn you on this! ^_^

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Man Fai said…
coz Zarina is still woman in her heart.
Like all other woman, she LOVE to SHOPPING.
Zarina BT2K said…
I shop moderately though..hehe