WWOOF at Jangheung - Part 2

This was from 26th - 30th October in Jangheung.
Jangheung is located in southern part of South Korea, in between Mokpo and Boseong.
The weather was still warm and autumn has not reached the city yet.

Jangheung was so foggy in the morning. This was around 7.30 am. I normally took a 30 minutes walk around the school before going for breakfast with Mr Han. I slept in this abandoned school for 4 nights - ALONE. Hehehe..pretty scared nonetheless.

Preparing the garlic seeds for farming today.

Mr Han's first house.

A lot of persimmon trees just behind the house.

Mr Han's mother and me.

4 leaves clover!! I'm in luck..^__^

Another beautiful morning..

I passed by this bus stop every morning.

Cosmos flower and straw bale.

Falling leaves turned yellow in autumn.

That is chestnut..yeap. Yummy...I ate it raw after peeling the thorny cover.

Eat this everyday.

Having a picnic beside the family grave. It wasn't scary at all!

Our harvest before posting them to Seoul.

I 'heart' this aunty and promoted Malaysia for her daughter's study.

Mr Mun's children. The twin boys don't look like Korean.

At the eco-school.

Kukhwa flower festival. The day was so hot. I played with Nikon D80 - Annalee's husband's toy.

The couple that I have learned so much from. They always support, praise and motivate each other which I found it amazing after a 27 years marriage. Hmm..it's rare nowadays.

Annalee unni..

I want this D80!

Mr Han's rice product.

Me preparing tteok for the festival's visitors.

Mr Han treated me with one of the most expensive Jangheung tea.

The process was so delicate and the taste was amazing!

That's the tea and tteok.

Before the festival ended, I walked by the stream.

Air balloon.

The Jangheung city hall people was amazed that I visited the city.

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