Our saviour - Yong Jun

Before our saviour came; another wwoofer (Park Yong Jun - a korean american) , we had to do this. Work..endless of work here in Youngi farm

Washing the onion and chopping it after that.

Yeay!! More jobs...

Our delicious lunch. Thanks to Yong Jun for the oyster and squid.

Right after lunch, he had to help us washed off the dirt from the cabbages. Poor guy! Hehehe..

"We are dead tired. Don't you see??"

Then at night we had to help making this which was only a part of the process.

Yong Jun aa..you looked funny with the hat while making kimjang...hahaha

The exhausted Hanim..hahaha.

The "I don't want to do this anymore" Yong Jun.

Seems delicious..

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