Bulguksa, Gyeongju

I went to Gyeongju on the 25th November for a day trip. The bus fare was 4,000 won for a 1 hour drive from Busan (Nopodong bus terminal). There's a bus like every half an hour.

My ticket.

The information center next to the bus terminal in Gyeongju.

Gyeongju bus terminal.

I took bus no 11 to Bulguksa. You could ride bus no 10 too. The fare was 1,500 won. Since Gyeongju is further north than Busan, a lot of the autumn leaves fallen.

The road to Bulguksa.

I guess if it is in autumn, this place would be gorgeous.

Me in front of the entrance at Bulguksa.

I drank the water from here too much I guess and caught a cold after that. Not because of the water but I didn't have enough rest. Too much play and no work..hehehe.

Bulguksa and they were the japanese tour

Before going to Seokgurram, I had my lunch - Ddeok Ddeok. This one is Dotorimuk

The root in spicy sauce is ddeok ddeok. So delicious!!! It was 10,000 won.

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Unknown said…
Kak zarina, i just went to Gyeongju yesterday.. I recognized all the places u mentioned. hehe! We love the city but only had 1 day to spend there. such a pity.