How do I learn Korean?

My advice: Learn something that perks your interest.

1. Learn from Korean lyrics
This might not be the most effective but I am drawn everytime to learn the hangul, correct pronunciation and abstract meaning behind the lyrics. It's so satisfying when you can write the hangul correctly and pronounce properly.

I love korean songs. Korean are so creative especially on the hip-hop side. Yeah..I'm pretty bias when it comes to G-Dragon hehe. He's one creative freak! How could I not notice?

I initially start with slow songs like Lee Seung Chul's song. I know it's soapy but I could sing slowly and attempting at number 1 noraebang spot. Miehehe..

Source of lyrics - JpopAsia

2. Learn from Youtube - I could not stress enough of how helpful this website is. Their youtube classes rocks!

3. Increase your vocabulary

I found this website 6,000 common word in Korean from Korean diva. The site structures the vocabulary in very user friendly method. You won't find it difficult at all.

4. Other websites

- Sogang University Korean notes
I have received decent reviews on Sogang University's teaching method and how the students able to speak in the shortest time. Warning: I am not promoting Sogang University exclusively. However, If given the opportunity I want to continue my study here.

5. Get a korean friend in your country

I have a korean friend in Kuala Lumpur whom I meet regularly. She will check my pronunciation from time to time. Her most precious advice is I might not be able to practise much if I stay in the city cause the Korean want to practise their English. I will go to the rural by doing WWOOF though.

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