Budget accommodation Korea : Goshiwon

Sorry guys..I'm gonna stick only to budget places..everything on a budget. Well you see, I come from Malaysia and our currency is not at par with Korean Won, so that's it. This is the whole meaning of this blog anyway ^__^. From Malaysian for others (not only Malaysian) to enjoy Korea on a BUDGET : My mission.

I'm gonna stay there approximately 3 months..a short term; not too short not too long. End of Sept until end of December; I get to enjoy Autumn and Winter yeay!!

Right now, I am torn between two options; either to stay there AGAIN after December or not. Well, I bought a return ticket from Seoul to Kuala Lumpur. If I decided to return to Seoul, it's gonna be 29th December. Phew.. but it's still a long way to go girl?! We are talking December here! But..doesn't mean I can't research first right, right? hehe..

Me and my girl mate came up with this really really crazy idea to study korean next year in Seoul!! We did some research on budget accommodation if we decided to settle with that korean study idea.

We stumbled upon - Goshiwon
Goshiwon, depending on location and sizes will range between 200,000 won to 600,000 won.
You may get concise description of it here and extensive list of Goshiwon in Seoul here .

This is a freaking funny 2 and a half minute video of Goshiwon..hahaha. Courtesy of Kevin's Travel Series.

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