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Back when I lived together with Min Young's family, I used to get body ache whenever the season changed.

I hardly caught a fever (after I quit my job..ahha..^__^), maybe body ache or flu..but that's about it (that's how healthy I am, at least until now Alhamdulillah) but I always get this feeling as if I'm gonna catch a cold after a long hard day.

There was one time, after I woke up.. I get this dizziness and my shoulder felt really sore.

So at night, Min Young's mother offered me this potion in an amber kinda bottle and she warmed the bottle first before letting me drink it.

She advised me to sleep right after drinking the potion. Alhamdulillah, my body felt lighter the next day.

Mind you, I hardly take aspirin or even any medication because my pain tolerance is kinda high by my standard..hehe. I simply hate the smell of hospital and whatever related to it. So my idea to restore my body to its normal state is simply by resting and sleeping more..^___^

You might be hesitant to try because there is no HALAL certificate so I took the time to check the ingredients from this website - Kin and Terms and check a few times with several online Chinese dictionaries.

These are the ingredients which are all plants:

  1. 작약(芍藥) - Paeonia lactiflora - peony flowers
  2. 숙지황(熟地黃) - Prepared (dried and cooked) root of the Rehmannia glutinosa (An herb used in traditional Chinese medicine as a blood tonic.)
  3. 황기(黃芪) - Astragalus membranaceus or Astragalus mongholicusmilk vetch root used in traditional Chinese medicine  
  4. 당귀(當歸) - Angelica sinensis also known as female ginseng
  5. 천궁(川芎) - Chuan Xiong Rhizomeis made from the dried rhizome or tuberous root of the Ligusticum sinense plant.
  6. 육계(肉桂) - cinnamon
  7. 감초(甘草) - licorice root
  8. 생강(薑) - ginger
  9. 대추(棗) - jujube or red dates

So far, I have suggested to those who toured with me - Mr Salleh's family and Zatul and her husband to drink this potion and they told me they loved how it helped to reduce their fatigue after touring Korea. I bullied my tourists..I know..hehe.

How does it taste?
Like brown sugar or 'Gula Melaka' and a dash of red dates. The potion is definitely sweet.

The Price?
Ranging from 600won to 1,000won.
Cheaper in the further parts of Korea but downtown is sold mostly 1,000won

Where to buy them?
Most of convenience stores or pharmacy (약국 yak guk - they close on Sundays though).
I normally bought mine at 7-11 or GS25 near my place in Sinchon.

Find them at the warm/hot drink section like in here.

If you'd want to buy in bulk, buy them in the pharmacy for a cheaper price.

Warning: This is not a solution for fever, cold or flu. It's just a potion or Korean traditional medicine to relieve the fatigue after a long hard day.

Another warning: I am definitely NOT endorsing 쌍화원 (ssanghwaweon) or 쌍화탕 (ssanghwatang)  for monetary benefit although I would not mind if they send their love call to my blog..hohoho.

Another brand of 쌍화원 (ssanghwaweon) or 쌍화탕 (ssanghwatang).

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