Why you need a tour guide in Korea?

*Million thanks to Ashraff (one of my guests) who is very kind to allocate his precious time in sharing his two cents.*

Ashraff, Dida and Ika at Nami Island

To travel blindly in a non-English speaking country is the last thing I would do...I seriously did some research like a month before flying..

The thing that concerned myself most would be the local foods :-)

Maggi, tuna spread, ready-made rendang ( u name it..haha ) would be the last resort to survive but I brought none of them :D.

I prefer my travel to be filled with local touches especially food since I enjoy trying something which is not so "Malaysian" ( must be HALAL of course ) :-P

To get a local English-speaking guide is quite interesting but I would probably end up having fast foods or something doubtful I guess.

The best way I would say is to get someone who speaks local language and share the same rice-bowl with me ^^.

Although she is not 100% local ( no offense Zarina ;-p ) , at least I did my best to enjoy local food which is religiously acceptable..Million of thanks to you :-)

Traveling free and easy with so-called "local guide" is highly recommended in Korea so that you don't get tied up to less flexible package which usually cost  you more.

Since I did backpacking, this is considered the better option than packaged tour unless you really have to :-P Free and easy without guide is ok if it's not your first time there.

For me, first-timer would spend more time getting lost and asking for directions plus the language barrier..so much time wasted.

If the time is all yours, go ahead then :-P

Korea is worth visiting again because I really enjoy eating healthy local foods..not including the weird and raw one which I don't dare to try...haha

Locals are friendly and if you ask for direction, they would try to help even if they don't speak a word of English.

A Daiso girl helped me to call serviced-residence I was looking for,
a guy at a bus stand Google-ed the map for me...this dude used to work in Singapore before.

That could be the reason his English is quite ok and he's been to Tioman!!  I myself never did..embarrassing moment  for me...haha

These helpful strangers on the street really impressed me.

I will definitely be back...Saranghae Korea ^^