Korea Foundation Free Korean Class in Seoul

Sorry for the sudden burst of learning Korean posts this past weeks. The weather is too cold for sightseeing and I'm hibernating instead.

I am now actually looking for FREE Korean class in Seoul to fulfill my evening slots and found a few good ones. As if learning in Sogang University is not enough. Zarina is so greedy!!

As I did mention in recent posts that I might be quitting Sogang University and as you guessed it right this FREE Korean class is my Plan B (도망자). Nope, Rain is still in the army and he will not be attending the same FREE Korean class with me. Dream on, ok? ^^

I have been enlisted for Free Korean Class in Seoul Global Center for Upper Beginner 2 on Tuesday and Friday class (7-9pm) starting next week. Ironically, I sat for placement test today in Korea Foundation Center and was accepted for Intermediate 1.

Hmm..my level is still in that grey area..fluent not fluent, fluent not fluent..and counting my sheep now. Heheh..

As the class starts today in Korea Foundation Center, I attended the class with no expectation whatsoever. But BAM!! I realized that this is what I've been waiting to learn all this while which is -- the useful daily grammars that I am familiar with while listening to the conversations in the train.

My class was quite big, more than 20 people but we had a really good teacher with two assistants. *Sogang University should implement this too*.

I sat with another Sogang University's student and another two from Hongik University!! They speak much much better than me and the whole time we were conversing ONLY in Korean. God, I was so glad!! The grammars were pretty hard but my learning curiosity piqued another notch further.

Korea Foundation Center wrote the book themselves 
and available for 17,000 won at major bookstores.
Official site: Korea Foundation Center. or http://volunteer.kf.or.kr/

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