Hwaseong Fortress Part 2

Remember when my friends' visited Suwon in 2010? Apparently it's not Hwaseong Fortress but Hwaseong Haenggung (palace) instead. My bad for not checking it properly.

You need to pay separate admission entrance for Hwaseong Fortress -1,000 won and Hwaseong Haenggung - 1,500 won.

As time didn't allow them to track Hwaseong Fortress, they quit the idea. However, the not so adventurous me would not waste my time and tracked it down!! ^^

We stopped by at the tourist information center outside Suwon Station and asked for direction. As usual, no snowfall but Afri just had to take a 'snow moment' picture to bring home. Global warming is showing it's effect much worse this winter.

After the commemoration picture, we walked a few metres to the bus stop for Hwaseong fortress. There are so many bus heading there but we rode bus number 13.

From KNTO info: Take Bus 2, 7, 7-2, 8, or 13 from Suwon Station and get off at Jongno 4-geori (intersection). Walk 5 minutes to fortress.

Along the way, there were many signboard for Hwaseong Fortress but when the announcement said Hwaseong ..bla bla I was panicked (mind you, there's no English announcement), and we immediately stepped down.

 We shouldn't have stopped here.

Drop off from the bus only when you see the fortress gate.

T_T The fortress is still quite far! Oh No...so we had to walk quite far to reach the fortress. As usual I didn't care for the harsh weather as I love looking around aka enjoying the moment.

My brain is kinda strange as it could simply ignore the cold weather and focus to the beauty around me instead. But the toll is on Afri, pity her. :( We walked a good mile if not more towards the fortress and fortunately it was a fun stroll along the pavement.

When we arrived at the entrance, I saw the sign for Hwaseong Haenggung (palace) and was confused why there were two separate spots. As we were not strained for time so we just headed for the palace first before going to hike the fortress.

My advice: If you ever want to conquer Hwaseong Fortress, do it from this entrance. This entrance is not as steep as the other.

I love how every breathtaking places that I've been to in Korea are mostly on top of the hills or mountains. "No pain no gain" simply rings the bell here. I used to hate hiking before and amused at how so many Koreans love mountain hiking - 등산 (but not all Koreans though). After hiking several in pain, now only do I understand the real meaning behind 등산.

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