Mid Term Review, Sogang University

I had two speaking tests on Wednesday. One was a conversation with my partner (from the same class) and another was with my speaking class's teacher.

We had to pick some lots to determine our conversation partner and after that we had a week to practise 8 different daily situations. My slot was at around 10 am for Korean daily conversation with my partner and interview with my Korean speaking class's teacher at 12.50pm. I was the last in the group.

During the Korean daily conversation test, the interviewer (our teacher) asked us to pick 2 situations by random and we picked 'restaurant recommendation' and 'absence from class' situation. Luckily we practised the former right before the test. Some of my classmates had to speak about 3 or 4 situations but for both of us, we spoke long enough for 2 situations and the teacher was satisfied. Phew...

The other interview test is a one-on-one with the teacher. I was so nervous but still manage to be cool..hehe. It went smoothly and after the interview the teacher asked me what was my learning style or whether I intend to continue study with Sogang University.

I was pretty stunned as that was my thought exactly. Initially I wanted to discuss with the teachers whether Sogang University's program is the best for me. After almost half of the course went by, I think that it's better for me to study the grammar and vocabulary by self-study and have about 2 hours speaking drill. Hence the reason I wanted to take the night class. But the night class is applicable for those with working visa only. Bummer..

My aim : to be fluent in Korean.

My problem : Who could give me speaking drill and be patient with my current Korean speaking level?

Private tuition : Will costs about 40,000 to 50,000 won per hour

I've been coining the idea with Min Young's mother that we would speak for an hour everyday only in Korea. However, I need it to be structured as in today I will use this set of vocabularies and this set of grammar. As she will be my informal teacher, I still need to give her some fees.

Why I don't want to continue with Sogang University?
It might seem too early to decide now but I feel that there's so many unnecessary homework and my speech is still unnatural. Not to mention occasional stuttering and the awkwardness to use new vocabularies that my classmates haven't learned yet. I might be looking into YBM or MKA after the semester ends where the class is more focused and lesser students per class.