Jeju Island

I woke up quite early to pack my bag for Jeju Island tour later in the evening. My flight will depart at around 4.30pm with T'Way Airlines. There's no plan for the morning, so we had quite a late breakfast and I exchanged some massage tips for Min Young and her mother. I studied 3 types of massage back in 2007 - sports, aromatherapy and reflexology. Among the three I love doing sports massage the most as I love to find which point is the most hurtful..hahah. Not to hurt them but to ease them.

My first autumn view in Korea for 2011

After breakfast, we stopped by a market near Min Young's apartment to buy some doughnuts and coffee. The autumn scenery was just perfect. Can you imagine? Sitting below the autumn foliage drinking hot coffee and doughnut together? Amazing feeling. ^__^

At coffee Mama

Tofu - white and dotorimuk - dark brown

Ahh..a woman was selling this tofu and dotorimuk beside the shop and we had one or two to test. I had never tasted plain silky tofu with some soy condiments before and I found it, hmmm..quite tasty! Weird..but tasty.

At about 1pm, Min Young walked me up to the nearest station - Jakjeon and I started my own journey to Gimpo Airport. From Jakjeon, I had to transit at Gyeyang station and then take the AREX to Gimpo Airport. Total time was only 24 minutes.

It was quite confusing when I reached Gimpo Airport as I went downstairs instead of using the elevator to Level B1. I asked a cleaner ahjumma and she told me that I had to go up. Before I tapped my T-Money to go out from the subway, look what I found! Hehehe..

After that I walked up to level 2F to check in and T'Way Airlines was located at the last counter. But my friends were not there!! Ottohke?? I panicked a little bit as the time was 1 hour before departing and we had not checked in. I tried calling my friend via T-Money phone but there was no answer. She just did not want to pick up. All because of roaming issue..which I will tell about it in another post.

Then I did the unthinkable. I asked help from Koreans. What else? heheh
I approach those who looked like students, and I ask them if they speak English. The two girls shook their head and spoke in Chinese, which I found later that they are actually Koreans. (OMG, this was the first time Koreans refused to help me!) Then I approached an ahjumma and told her that I wanted to borrow her phone to send a text to my friend. She helped me with much difficulty and we finally managed to send the text friend didn't receive it.

Kind ahjumma in the middle.

Faraway, I saw my two friends walking towards us and she confirmed that she didn't receive our message. Arghh!! I did that for nothing didn't I? But lady luck was smiling at us..why? Once we reached Jeju, the ahjumma and her husband gave us a ride to our guesthouse. So kind! And she even left her number to me so we can tour the island together but we declined the offer as we didn't want to interrupt their activities.

T-way check in at Gimpo Airport

We checked into a 6-female dormitory in Yeha Guesthouse for 19,000 won per night. The place was well taken cared of, pretty clean. I loved the pantry. They have 3 computers for internet access, free calls to several international countries but are limited to land line numbers, postcard and stamp are sold there, HALAL cutleries and seasoning for Muslims and really helpful and friendly receptionist.

The only complaint that I have is the room was quite stuffy, air conditioner was not properly functioning so we had to open the inner door to let the air from the hallway comes in.

We went out for dinner as the restaurants suggested by Yeha Guesthouse does not serve kimchi/dwenjang jjigae. We grabbed a taxi for 2,200 won and went to City Hall. There were a lot of bars and young teenagers around. Although we had run through the places, there's only Kimbap Chonguk which serves jjigae but I refused to eat there and settled for a small eatery. Unfortunately, the only available permissible food is kimbap and twigim. I felt sorry for my friends but I could do nothing much. :(

Near City Hall, Jeju

Kids playing some games near City Hall, Jeju