Volunteering in Korea : Part 2

It's kinda weird to suggest volunteering in your itineraries if your intention of exploring Korea is mostly about having fun and pampering yourself, right? ^^ But, volunteering is almost on top of my list when I want to travel.

I have this weird notion that you don't need a lot of money to enjoy yourself while travelling. The funny thing is my friends have a totally opposite view on why I love volunteering while travelling : "Why do you like to tire yourself?" Hmm..but I don't feel tired at all. Strangely, I feel happy.

The last time when I was in Korea, I did wwoofing - volunteering at an organic farm in exchange of boarding and food. I would definitely do it again if given the opportunity. When my father saw a picture of me wwoofing at Bonghwa, harvesting peppers; he said "why don't you work at my farm instead of others?!" hahaha..I told him 'But the weather was nice and cool compared to Malaysia!" LOL.

Other than wwoofing, we could actually do many more. I have listed some of them here and if you are really considering volunteering in your itinerary; the only thing that I could say is "Thank you!"




KKOOM - Korean Kids & Orphanage Outreach Mission

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