TOPIK: Korean Language Exam

I received an email from UKM  (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) for my application to sit for Beginner level Korean Language Proficiency Exam (TOPIK).

Click here for UKM Korean language department blog.

My name is the second applicant.  Yeay!

TOPIK exam is held twice yearly. Once in April and the other in September. The fee is RM80 and it has three levels; Beginner, Intermediate and Advance. Apparently, I will take Beginner level. ^^. It seems tough because you need to write an essay so you have to know the grammar well and memorize as much vocabulary as possible.

For Malaysians , you could register in March 2011 for April placement if you wish to take the exam.
Check the official website here.

I refer to Sogang University's Korean lesson closely for TOPIK exam's preparation.

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