How to: Cheap airfare from Malaysia to South Korea

Have been receiving numerous questions on cheap airfare to and fro South Korea.

There are several option but the cheapest would be:

1. Fly via budget airways - Air Asia, Tiger Airways, Cebu Pacific, Jin Air
2. Book at least 3 to 6 months ahead
3. There will be no direct flight
4. Book during promotion and play around with the dates
5. Choose departing date on Tuesday/Wednesday and book ticket around 2 to 4 A.M.
6. Travel light - no heavy luggage please.


If you want to fly from LCCT Sepang:

1. Fly to Bangkok via Airasia and take Jin Air to Incheon
2. Fly to Manila via Airasia and take Cebu Pacific to Incheon

If you want to fly from Changi Airport, Singapore (for those staying in Johor)

1. Fly to Manila via Tiger Airways and take Cebu Pacific to Incheon
2. Fly to Incheon from Singapore via Cebu Pacific but you will need to stopover in Manila

PS. I am not related to Airasia/Jin Air/ Cebu Pacific/Tiger Airways in any way and not getting any commission for doing this ^^

PSS. I could not guarantee that you will be getting cheap tickets or less than RM2,000 but if you follow my advice the chance is higher.