Bye Seoul

Woke up at 5.30 because Bun Sok called me to bid goodbye. Her voice was so soothing to my ears like lullaby. I was still sleepy..hehe. Omoni also came very early to say goodbye. Tut, our favourite omoni..hehe.

The temperature outside was -10C and I took a few pictures in front of the houses. There was a little bit of snow or if I am in Chunyang now, I would call it frost rather than snow. This makes me want to go to Jinbu!!

I took the limousine bus and had to wait about 20 minutes in front of Yaksu Station. It was damn too cold. Luckily I had Jinny's coat. Thanks my dear sensei.

The limousine to Incheon airport was 14,000 won. More expensive cause it went around the hotels route. and it took longer to reach the airport. I was still sleepy.

CK called me to say our last goodbye before next February. I had some glitches on my boarding pass cause I changed my ticket return to Seoul on next February and the ticket number I had with me was an old one. Luckily I checked in early. Always...always..check in early cause you don't know what will happen.

Later Jinny called me. Her throat was still croaky like a bull frog. Hahahaha...can't wait to meet her again. Snowboard?? bet!

I talked to one of the MAS stewards and even had invited him to Jinbu next year. What was I doing?!! Yeah...I will be in Jinbu basically one whole year in 2010.

Happy New Year everyone!!