Bongeunsa, yeouido, nakkji

Bongeunsa - In front of Coex Mall, take green line, Samseong station. The entrance is free but at the time we visited the temple, it was renovated.

Yeouido Park - We went to Yeouido park to visit the assembly hall. Unfortunately, there was an election program nearby and there were so many policemen and we could not go near the assembly hall. Take purple line and stop at Yeouido station or Yeouinaru station to go to Hangang Park. Because the weather was so cold around -2 celcius, we stopped by at a nakkji bokkeum restaurant. We went there again cause 2T loves nakkji bokkeum so much!!

Hangang river - We just took a few snapshots cause those 2 kids couldn't stand the cold. Ngehehehe..but still had the nerve to round Myeongdong after that!! WTH!!