Tongyeong - Part 3

After collecting the flower seeds in Yeondae Island, we returned to Tongyeong early in the morning cause Ollergi had a seminar on ecosystem study with her students in Tongyeong Library. So she dropped me at Jeon Hyuck Lim's Art Museum for me to wander and enjoy. only opens at 10 am and I reached there at 9 am. Ottokke?

There was a temple up the hill and I thought I could hike it until 10 am and go down to visit the museum before Ollergi picked me up at 1010 hours. Arghhh...I should have told her just to continue her work instead. The truth was I lost my way to the temple and I actually visited a small shrine not Yeonhwa temple. Aigoo..I should have asked the ahjummas there instead of simply hiking the mountain myself.

After I went down the shrine, I met the ahjusshi who accompanied me to Tongyeong Museum! What a small world! He offered to bring me around Tongyeong but I refused his kind offer cause he might be busy working. It's Thursday baby! Only me loitering..the rest are working.

I don't know why but I was so hungry from eating only nurungji for breakfast so I went to the nearest Top-Mart to find tteok. Ollergi dropped me off and she went to work but there was no tteok on that day! Eventually I just bought a few buns and walked until the cable car station.

He is very old, about 96 years old but still active. He learned painting by himself and eventually become among the greatest artists in South Korea.

His museum. He still paint at one of his workshops.

The officer there informed me he is under modern art category. Some of his pieces are on ceramics just like this.

Entrance view.

The walk to Yeonhwa temple.

A lot of hiking in South Korea.

I lost my way and went to this shrine instead..ngehehe.

A very handsome monk. Kekeke..

I 'palli palli' returned to Jeon Hyuck Lim's museum.

Even the toilet is decorated with his arts!

The trail tocablecar station.

Parking lots.

Bought my ticket here and most of the visitors are elders. Ngeheh..the young ones are working, ok?

Tourist Information booth.

See? Only elders..

Yahohohoho!! I had one car for myself!

This was UCC section and I didn't realize that I had a video done. We could send it to our email. Here it is!

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