Incheon airport

I reached Incheon airport at 0725 hours, the immigration check was a fly. The officer didn't even take a glance at my face. Is she really doing her work? Hahaha..maybe because Malaysian can enter South Korea for 90 days without visa I guess.

The weather was cloudy at 18 degrees celcius but cool. Refreshing. I love it! Reminds me of the weather in Chiba, Japan. Natsukashiii..

Incheon international airport pictures for your eyes! ^^

Waiting for shuttle train

Inside shuttle train

Shuttle train

My classic picture - hahah..inside the toilet

Picked my luggage at conveyor number 9 for Malaysia Airlines

Bought my Seoul CityPass + T-Money (Please get this if you want to use the subway a lot!) and banana milk.
The card is 3,000 won. You can reload it after that. I did for 10,000 won.

This banana milk tasted like cough medicine. This gonna be my last! 1,000 won.

Met Azwin, Malaysian exchange student in Daegu. She really helped me a lot at the Ministop mart! Kamsahamnida. Will meet her later cause her university has been used for filming Boys over Flowers!! Yeahooooooooo... (ring a bell?). That posh and luxurious university.

Public phones which drained my coins like mad. It's actually broken.

Enjoying Korean drama while finishing my banana milk and then surfed internet at Level 2. I just plugged my lapT at any available power outlet.

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