First smashing day in Bupyeong with Hye Won

Meet Hye Won, my penpal from Bupyeong, Incheon. She's definitely a sweet and very patient mom of daughter aged 17 months. Her daughter Da yeon is so cute!

I met her at Bupyeong bus stop. Took bus no 111 from Incheon airport at bus stop number 9. The fare was 3,900 won with T- money or 4,000 won if you use cash. It's about 1 hour journey.

No 111 bus. I didn't feel any air condition since the weather outside was cool.

Hammer for smashing the window's bus during emergency.

Advertisement inside the bus.

Bupyeong city

The bus stop in Bupyeong tells you how many minutes bus no 111 will arrive. It will be another 9 minutes. Excellent!! If we ever had it in Malaysia, seriously it rocks!!

Kimbap cheonguk chain restaurant at Bupyeong

Me at Lotte Mart, having lunch with Hyewon

Baby Da Yeon was sleeping while we had lunch. Pity Hye Won..

Had a giant jeonju bibimbap for lunch 8,500 won for 2 people. It was a set of jeonju bibimbap, doenjang chigae and naengmyun but I only able to eat half of the bibimbap and I really love the doenjang chigae!! Cause it's spicy. Yummy...

Doenjang Chigae


Arghh..I'm exhausted and need a good sleep now. Part 2 will come tomorrow.

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