War of Cheap Air Tickets : MAS vs SIA vs Cathay Pacific

The culprit is the virus. To be H1N1 or not to be H1N1. Life is really fair. Haha..just like yin yang. Due to this virus, the air tickets prices has been cut down extremely. Everyone is scared now to travel overseas but as always there would be risk. For budget travelers, this is a news worth to cheer for.

As usual these promotion would only cover flight to Seoul/Busan only from Malaysia. Taken into consideration all payment can be done online and the site has e-ticketing facilities.

1. Malaysia Airlines (MAS)

Currently they are having promotion for booking from 22nd June - 5th July 2009 , traveling from 29th June - 15th Dec 2009 .

Their one way promo (exclusive insurance and extra baggage):

Origin Destination Travel Dates
All-inclusive Fares

Kota Kinabalu Seoul
29 JUN 2009
15 DEC 2009

MYR 518

Kuala Lumpur Seoul
29 JUN 2009
15 DEC 2009

MYR 598

Sample Search: From 30th Oct - 8th Nov (10 days) = MYR1,224

Flight Details
Departure date Flight
Fri, 30 Oct 2009 MH66
23:30 Kuala Lumpur International Airport
07:10 Seoul - Incheon

Return date Flight
Sun, 08 Nov 2009 MH67
11:00 Seoul - Incheon
16:35 Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Total price including tax MYR 1224.00

Sample search: 14th July to 14th Dec (5 months) = MYR1,224

I like this entry called Stimulus package. They outline exactly when the promotion is on and who is eligible for tickets purchase.

2. Cathay Pacific

I really love Cathay's user friendly website but their promotion travel period normally limits from 14 days to maximum 1 month which makes MAS is more preferrable airline.

MAS allows the maximum travel period eg 14th July - 14th Dec 2009 (5 months) with cheaper price.

Click here for latest promotion departing from Kuala Lumpur

3. Singapore Airlines (SIA)

SIA also bidding for the war price but unfortunately they don't offer Seoul as one of the destination. You can check here for more offers departing from Kuala Lumpur