Bloggers of South Korea: Unite!

Today I came across Mr Hyun Woo Sun's interesting website : SendMeToKorea while searching on Bungee Jumping in Korea. Incidentally, he has written about this competition for bloggers to rave about their South Korea's experience. Well, I have not had the chance to been there yet but gonna do in this coming September. Oh,'s fun to join this kinda healthy competition anyway. Come all bloggers, unite!

Step 1: You may go to here to register: Blog Korea! Visit Korea!

Step 2: Register for Speak & Share Metablog

Step 3: Keep blogging!

It's easy and after that just cross your fingers that you will be chosen.

Initial prizes comprised of LG Notebook, Samsung Digital Cameras, Iriver Mp3 players.
The grand prizes would be: Trip to Korea for the selected 30 active bloggers!

Wow! I wish this competition has started before I've bought my tickets. Arghhh.. I'm already in Seoul in October. T_T