Insadong: 10 Best Pictures from Flickr (in my retarded opinion)

1. Lantern Festival Kid - by Derekwin
I love children especially bald and with one-lid eyes. Haha..which is so oriental. These boys really cute.

2. 1842/1816* - by june1777
The red here is so sexy don't you think? It reminds me of Wong Kar Wai's movie: In the mood for love

3. We all need a shoulder to cry on... by Looloo's not tears but snow. The sky is crying. Arghh..I hate cold but I don't hate snow though. It's such a pretty sight. Will insadong snow in Christmas?

4. At Ssamziegil by jetsetcd
This is vandalism at its best condition. Haha..a cute and artistic graffiti.
If it's just words in roman character it wouldn't look this nice rite?

5. Paint Brush pots by Derekwin

What about chinese characters and its beauty? I don't know. Eventhough I don't understand but it just reeks awesomeness and beauty.

6. Street Vendor by Centrax
Chestnut- a delicacy that appears during winter time. Hot and tasty to douse that winter cold. Yummy..

7. Korean Starbucks by Superlocal
Starbucks in Hangul. The first one ever..exceptional. Gonna go on this one!

8. Fish cakes by xoxoryan
I ate the same thing in Chiba, Japan. What's about Japan and Korea sharing the same recipe? Anyhow, I really love this fish cake. The last time I didn't get to try the cheese filling, right now on a hunt for that, if there is.

9. I call this gorgeous charm by Aaron Raisey

10. Insadong Wedding Performance by mjohnexmsft
Pretty dancers in pink hanbok - my favourite color. So refreshing to see ^_^

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