3 months in Korea: Comments?

3 months in Korea..not a big deal for a seasoned traveler though.
3 months in Korea for RM5,000 ~ USD1400..are you insane??

After notifying my circle of friends about this trip to Korea; I received not only few positive support but not to mention numerous negative remarks. Those who know me better will not give it a day..but those who just starting to know me would be quick to generalize me as a weird, quirky and out of this world lady. The reason being:

1. I'm a muslim and wearing a scarf which amplified me as being a muslim (constant annoying stare if I'm in a non-muslim country)
2. I'm a lady
3. I'm a lady in very early 30's
4. I travel alone
5. I love to travel to countries with language barrier
6. I travel with shoestring budget
7. I hate to be wired (handphone, laptop, basically mobile device)
8. I love to be different
9. I hate 9 to 5 jobs
10. I hate to follow the crowd, I just wouldn't

Most common remarks I received:
1. Crazy
2. Don't you have anything better to do?
3. You are very rich
4. How to be like you?!!
5. I'm jealous, I wish I can just go and travel like you
6. Aren't you thinking about your future?
7. What happen after the trip ends?
8. What is your plan after the trip?
9. ...(utterly speechless..hehe)
10. You really live your life, don't you?