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Just browsing through some information on KNTO website today looking about Samcheongdong details. I was in for quite a surprise.

I love this extra quality of the website which comes with an interactive map for tourist.

The best thing about KNTO map is it comes in English. ^_____________^ Big yeay!

However not everything is perfect on the interactive map.

I found searching was a bit difficult. For instance, I'm obviously a tourist and definitely is quite an ignorant on knowing the district's name and stuff. Searching by district name is quite a challenge.

How on earth do I know that Myeongdong is located in Jung-gu district right? I just know that Myeongdong is located in Myeongdong. I hope KNTO can improve the searching values better.

Instead of having a headache on doing the search, I found it just easier if I click the exclusive buttons on top of the map:

Many has sent me queries on the best place to stay while vacationing in Korea. If you click the button 'Accommodations' it will play its magic. ^^

Expand the map and it will point you the nearby accommodations. Many of the accommodation are hotels but somehow it's better than nothing. Another one of my wish is that KNTO could update the nearby guesthouses as well for budget travellers like us.

Try this interactive and explore it to your heart's content here: http://emap.visitkorea.or.kr/Scripts/EngMap.aspx#

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