Queen Seondok Tomb, Gyeongju

The last time I went to Gyeongju was back in 2009 where I had to skip visiting Queen Seondok Tomb as I ran out of time. Basically Queen Seondok Tomb is similar to other huge tombs that you could see in the park in Gyeongju but the location is amazing. It was situated in a dense forest full of red trunk pine trees.

You can use T-Money in Gyeongju and Busan now but only GS25 could recharge T-Money and they were scarce. If you tend to visit Gyeongju and Busan remember to recharge your T-Money in Seoul before you go. Public bus per ride is about 1,500 won for adult and you will get 50 won off the fare if you use T-Money. While in Busan the ride by bus or subway is calculated by sector and the fare starts from 1,200 won.

Me and Afri visited Queen Seondok Tomb after visiting Bulguksa and Seokguram Grotto and there is no admission fee for it. However the bus schedule is about 1 hour each so we kinda asked the taxi driver in front of Bulguksa Park and the driver offered 13,000 won per ride and he could drop us right in front of the tomb gate. But we declined and waited for bus number 10 which stopped at the nearest bus station to Queen Seondok Tomb. I kinda estimated that we walked about 10 minutes up to the hill but the taxi driver exaggerated the duration up to 20 minutes!! Luckily we didn't pick the ride.

Honestly, I have never watched Queen Seondok drama until after this visit. After coming back from Gyeongju I really wonder how the story is and am now watching 13th episode..arghh, a long way to go.

Do remind the bus driver or taxi driver your drop off point.
선덕여왕릉 is pronounced "Seondong yeowang neng."
Don't ask we why it is pronounced differently from the 
character cause I might mess up your Korean. ㅋㅋㅋ

Spot the difference between the two pictures above? I am not
there! Heheh..tettttttttt...you're wrong! Notice that the distance 
to Queen Seondok Tomb is 50m in the first picture and this picture
states 450m. But we think that both are wrong! The distance is
somewhere in between. ^^

Just walk along this road till you meet ...


See what I mean? And this is just the entrance of the forest. So..so

Queen Seondok chose the location before her demise and when
I give it a thought, it is rather true from her point of view. The scenery 
from her tomb is magnificent. 

Queen Seondok Tomb.

On the way back we saw this tractor? *I don't know what is this called ^^*
It was making the hay into square blocks and we were rather amazed
so did some other visitors..hahaha

For more information on Queen Seondok, check out Wikipedia.