Air Asia to Seoul

AirAsia has been a blessing in disguise from God right? Teehee..The best thing is our flight budget to Korea has been greatly reduced with their decision to secure the route to Incheon!

I am going to address some of the reader's curiousity mainly about AirAsia flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to Incheon International Airport (IIA) in this post.

A sample itinerary from AirAsia
from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to Incheon International Airport (IIA)

1. My flight will reach IIA at about 9.45pm (Korean time). Will I be able to get a transport to Seoul in time?
There is 1 hour difference between Malaysia and Korea. That means you will reach IIA at about 8.45pm (Malaysian time).

According to Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation, the last train/subway from IIA to Seoul :

Normal train - 2321hrs.
Express Train - 2130hrs.

So, if you reach AREX station for direct train to Seoul, allow yourself a 20-30 minutes buffer to be there. Basically, you should be at AREX station at least before 11.00pm. There's always a consequence of a flight delay (those who have flied with AirAsia will agree, I guess ^^), be prepared.

From my experience, Korean custom and immigration is among the easiest to get through especially for Malaysian. There was one time when the officer didn't even look at my face (or maybe I didn't realize it? hahaha) and let me through in a split second. By the time I collected my luggage, the whole process took me about 30 minutes right after the landing. Of course, this is impossible if you come with family or in a group. However, time management is important!

2. Should I ride airport taxi / limousine bus/ AREX + subway to Seoul?

How much is your cost to Seoul?
Taxi ~40,000 won/taxi
Limousine bus~14,000 won/pax
Arex + Subway~3,800 won/pax

Note: Price may differs

An airport taxi incurs a whopping cost of about 40,000won/one way to Seoul but if you come in a group of 4, just divide the cost and it will be cheaper than limousine bus, plus you have the comfort and speed of a taxi. If you come alone, the remaining options might be more viable.

3. What if I miss the last limousine bus/ AREX + subway to Seoul?

You could either:
-sleep at jjimjilbang/sauna for 12,000 won per night
-sleep at the airport on the hard wooden chair, check out the guide to sleeping in airports.
-stay up at McDonalds + surf the internet (the wifi speed is awesome here!)
-watch TV in front of Ministop convenience store (who cares if you don't understand Korean, just enjoy it! You might see your idol in the ads or latest featured drama!)

..ZzzZzzz..and then take the first train to Seoul at 0520hrs ^_^

4. Where do I pray at Incheon International Airport (IIA) - for Muslim?

There is a communal room for multi religion. Please be reminded, it is not solely for Muslim.
For detail layout of the airport, check KNTO for more.