Taejongdae - Busan

Another awesome place in Busan but a bit further from city center. It used to be a place for committing suicides because the place is magnificent.

Taejongdae - you are here! ^^. We took a 100-1 bus for 1,000 won to Taejongdae until Haeundae's last station and from there took a taxi.

The entrance.

We took a tram ride cause the wind made the weather colder and us trembling...agagaa..the tram costed 1,500 won and we could stop by at any of the point.

Only one of the tram with fully closed window..everyone rushed to that tram!! Cause it's warmer.

We visited our 'secret' beach where no one knows. It's CK's secret...hahaha

Women f'isherman'??

Arghh..so beautiful and calming.

The statue was built due to too many suicides from Taejongdae. They claimed it is a beautiful place to commit suicide. Hmmm..isn't it painful??

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