Jangheung to Seoul

My Final day in Jangheung was on 31st October. I planned to take the earliest bus to Seoul but my host insisted to take me for a 1 hour tour around Jangheung before I departed.

My bus ticket from Gwangju to Seoul.

Gwangju bus station. So big and clean! I felt like in KL sentral.

Mr Han and me in front of the bus from Jangheung to Gwangju.

My ticket from Jangheung to Gwangju.

In front of the sea which is separated from the rice field by a bridge.

A landmark in Jangheung famous for pointing to North - a straight line to Seoul.

In front of Jeongansa Shrine.

Maeuntang - spicy fish soup.

Annalee unni and husband, an ahjusshi and Mr Mun.

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