The day that we escaped

We were so exhausted from pulling the radishes so Yong Jun and I decided to check out from the farm earlier. The plan was to act sick. with my gastric and he was down with flu. Cool idea? Hahah..we woke up early, packed our bag, decided not to eat breakfast and persuaded the host to send us off at 9 am. The hostess disagree at first cause she said I need to stay cause I promised her to leave the house only on the 21st November. I think..if Yong Jun leave the house without me, I'm going to be crazy!

After much 'professional negotiation' done by Yong Jun, we finally escaped the house.

The Hongseong station - we jumped in joy!


This was Cheonan station where I took Saemaeul train to Busan to meet my friend and Yong Jun set off for Seoul.