Ollergi, Dongpirang and Fish Market.

Ollergi brought me to Soheo Sijang (Soheo Market) and we hiked the hill to enjoy Dongpirang - street gallery which is one of her projects to for Tongyeong city. I was impressed by her ideas and hardwork!
We met Professor Choi at Gyeongsang Marine University. He went to Penang for a week for ecosystem conference to help save Penang Island. Aigoo..a Korean helping Malaysia to save my country? Where are Malaysians??

Yeondae Island Ecosystem project.

A demonsration in front of Seoho market to give awareness to Tongyeong citizens about handing waste.

Buying some fish for dinner.

I love this one..yummy.

Seoho Market.

All types of Kimchi and banchan.

The hill to Dongpirang. So tired!!

All the paintings are done by students and the neighborhood's kindness to allow the project be done on their walls.

Creative!! Hahah..

Me and my giant headset!



Argh..so hot and tired but the air was refreshing.

Goyangee..or cat.

This painting was done by Tongyeong mayor.

Street gallery. We should start from here which is behind Napoli Motel but we took a different route from Seoho Market instead.

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