Old Miss v/s Gold Miss

The trend of marrying late for men and women is exceptable nowadays. Be it in Malaysia or Korea the ideal age for marriage has become to be late 20's rather than early 20's.

I met a couple from Seocho-ku, Seoul who came to learn on organic farming with Mr Han. When asked about my age - they told me that I am a 'Gold Miss'. Korean used to call ladies who are over the ideal marrying age as 'Old Miss' before which is similar to 'andartu' - anak dara tua in Malaysia. The perception changed currently because of education status or quality. Ladies now can work and support themselves with better salary equivalent to some men and now they are called 'Gold Miss'.

Ladies in Korean with good looks, education and high paying job are good catch for marriage. Hahaha..hence they called me 'Gold Miss'. However I refused to be called as such! I could tell that I am somewhat with good look..(hahaha..joking ok?) and good education but definitely not with high paying job.

I don't dream of being a manager or be on that high-level rat raced society. It will make me beserk and hyperventilating with exploded pressure. Hence my life is slow and easy and I don't care if people are not happy about my status. I accept their concern but I really don't have time to sit and blame on mediocre thoughts.

My parents, siblings, a village to call my own, friends, cats, my passions on knowing people and exchanging culture are my treasures.

Definitely not money or wealth!!

I wish for happiness for everyone around me. Life is so short..stop whining and live your life!!