The start of fasting in Malaysia

Today I will start my fasting. Ramadhan is a month for Muslim to defer from food, drinks and impermissible actions from the break of dawn till dusk (in a day), for a whole month. It starts today, Saturday 22nd August and will roughly ends on 21st September. This Ramadhan I will be less hyperactive ^^ (have to save my energy for this blog..hehe) and counting down the days to Seoul which will be on 27th September. In the mean time, I will ensure that I exhibit a daily photo of what I eat during this fasting month (either before the break of dawn or breaking fast). I'm gonna miss this kind of food when I'm in Korea, for sure!

To start with, this is what I ate just now, an indian pancake with spicy/non-spicy coconut gravy. I lurvv indian food. This is suitable for vegan (no trace of meat/seafood).