Confirmed placement by WWOOF Korea

I just received a confirmation email from Jade (WWOOF Korea). She has booked my placement at this 4 places. Thank you so much Jade!

1. Green University at Hamyang - gun - 5th until 16th October

I hope I can learn a lot from this farm as they specialize in biotechnology living, green living and natural medicine.

2. Onsum farm at Jeollanam- do - 19th until 30th October

They grow wild medicinal herbs.

3. Young-I Farm at Gwangcheon - 8th - 20th November

They grow apples, peaches and grapes.

4. Sanmaeul Poongkyeong at Gangwon-do- 1st til 20th December

A cultural center where I hope I could do a lot of cultural exchanges between Malaysia and South Korea. Yeahoo!! Care for snowboarding in December??