Halal Food in Korea: Part 1

Yeayy!! Halal Food in Korea is coming! Well, to some it's easy to find food there but to me upon hearing this news I felt like finding my lost item, at last!! Thank you so much Korea Tourism Organization (KTO). I am starting to imagine, I could eat that bulgogi anyway. Yessss!

KTO had organized a session of 40 travel agents; explaining to them about Islam and Muslim's way of life to attract them to travel to Korea. Hence, Halal lunchbox created and Muslims can enjoy their holiday with no worries of food.

It's pretty wise of them to do that cause muslims will come in flocks to Korea, not only because of Hallyu influence. KTO also recently opened a prayer room at the Tourism Information Center (TIC) on the first basement floor of its headquarters, so that Muslim tourists can visit. There's another reason why I should visit TIC this coming September.

Source: Korea Times

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